What is love. can’t explain in today’s time?

For some people it is cheating. So for some people everything. Love is not limited to the first. This is above all, Love is felt, a different feeling comes from inside. Seeing each other from afar, there should not be any kind of dirty thinking and mind .In such a situation, both feel happy, a different feel comes. Just talk to me that, only with a sense of friendship, or with a girlfriend. talk or not, That’s why no one should be harmed. This is love .

love love love one more example :- There can be a lot of distance in love. Struggling to hear a voice. take care of each other.

Love is that a mother takes care of her child by calling her by name in reverse, loving to tickle, mother also slaps her when she makes a mistake. The first is true love. To love don’t know Feeling is love.

For example :- the way a father does everything for the happiness of his child. A father sees his own dreams in his child. One day my son will fulfill my dream, I can’t do it, father. But my son will show it.With selflessness, the father fulfills every wish of his son. What he needs This is called love

There is love in friendship too. We cannot describe love in words. If you want to see the love of a friend, then watch this video.


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