The Samsung Galaxy SUltra: A Nightmarish Device or Dream Come True?

Samsung is reintroducing the Exodus chip, specifically the Exynos 2400, into the Galaxy S24 series. This decision comes down to cost-cutting, as Qualcomm has priced the Exynos 3 chip higher than previous generations. Samsung will instead opt for their own Exynos 2400 processor, which has been two years in development. The Exynos 2400 will have a 10-core CPU chip with a potential 12-core GPU, which is said to be two times faster than the Exynos 2200. It will be built on Samsung’s 4 nanometer process, which is said to be improved. The camera ISP will be as strong as the Agent 3, supporting 320 megapixel camera sensors and up to 8K 60fps videos. The Exynos 5300 modem will support two-way communication with satellites. Samsung will use the latest X-Clips 920 GPU, which is said to be two times faster than the previous generation. The firmware development for the entire Galaxy S24 lineup will be based on Android 14 and possibly UI 6.1. The first leaked physical bars of the S Universe series also reveal the batteries for all three models, with a slight increase in battery size. The decision on the S34 series remains to be seen.

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