The Long Road to Resolution: Challenges Faced by Manipur in Restoring Calm

The state of Manipur is currently experiencing violence due to the enmity between meteor and kooky communities, which have lived together for decades. The differences between these communities have deepened, with villages cut off from connectivity and a war zone. This has led to young men picking up arms and guarding their villages.

The buffer zone, or line of control, is divided between the two communities, with some young boys guarding their villages. The enmity has led to a war zone, with many young boys now carrying weapons. The house system has failed, and these young boys have picked up weapons, causing a furious situation in Manipur.

The situation has been happening for the last three months in several areas, particularly where there have been differences between the two communities post-ethnic violence. The state machinery has failed to prevent these young people from picking up weapons, as seen at Ground Zero in Manipur.

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