The Latest Update on Chandrayaan: Lander Orbit to be Brought 112KM Around the Moon

The Chandrarantri mission has achieved its biggest milestone, the journey to the moon. Lander Vikram, attached to a propulsion module, successfully separated from the mothership and began its journey through the moon in an elliptical orbit. The Vikram Lander, with its Rover Pragyan inside, is on its journey to the moon’s South Pole, expected to touch down for a historic soft landing on August 23rd at 5:45 p.m. ISRO has confirmed that the propulsion module will continue its journey around the Moon, gathering data on cloud polarization and signs of exoplanet habitat. The Lander module will then de-boost and begin the soft landing procedure in the next five days. With a billion hopes pinned on the 1778 kilogram Lander and Rover, the mission is set to fulfill Chandrarantri’s dreams onward and upward. The day-boosting procedure will kick off between 4 and 6 p.m., bringing Lander Vikram’s orbit 112 kilometers around the Moon.

India’s Chandraran 3 mission is set to make a soft landing on the moon’s South Pole on August 23rd at 5:45 PM. The mission will involve a crucial maneuver between now and 6 PM, where Chandraran 3 will be brought closer to the moon’s surface. The mission will be accompanied by a robot program, and the team will be getting closer to the moon. The latest update from ISRO indicates that the Lander module’s health is normal and the Lambda module has successfully undergone a debusting operation. The second dboosting operation is scheduled for August 20th at 2 PM. ISRO has also released stunning images of the lunar surface captured by the Lander module after separation from the propulsion module on August 17th. The soft landing is expected to take place on August 23rd at 5:30 p.m. All of ISRO’s efforts have been successful, and the team is now much closer to the moon the next day.

ISRO has confirmed that the boosting operation for the Vikram Lander will take place on August 20th, not August 19th. The Lander’s orbit has been reduced to 113 kilometers by 157 kilometers, bringing it closer to the Moon’s surface. The next maneuver will take place at about 2 a.m., bringing the distance down to about 24 kilometers. The Lander of Vikram is enjoying the view of the moon surface, and Chandra 3 is about 113 kilometers from the lunar surface. On August 23rd, Shilpa will witness the crucial soft landing.

The ISRO team is confident that they have completed the mission as planned. They have learned from previous technical glitches and errors and have made the necessary changes. The Grand 3 was launched with full confidence, and the mission has been successful. ISRO has also performed a debusting exercise for the Lander module, reducing its current distance to 113 kilometers. As the days progress, the Lander module will be brought down, and the soft landing will take place on August 23rd.

The propulsion module, which was separated from the Lander module, will continue orbiting around the Moon and conducting various studies, such as studying the Earth’s atmosphere. The next exercise will be carried out on August 20th.

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