The Almighty has not made you (know your truth)

This whole world is made for the intercourse of human beings, nature has given intelligence to man, due to intelligence, technology has progressed. Some pets are lost, so what does it matter, people should not worry about them.

This thing is actually a very religious text, it is coming from there. one of them is coming in which after creation it has been made an edge, he is sitting in the center, he is one God is one Swami God Allah Waheguru he has created the whole world and after the accident he has also told this Who has a place in the world, how to live and how much he has the right, he has told all this by giving a book. Understand that book has become an operating manual. Like you have a mobile or you have bought it The one who gives you the mobile gives you a mobile and also tells how to operate with it and there is an operating manual book in it and it is written in it how we can use the mobile. The idea of ​​many people is that this world is also in the same way, someone is sitting on top of it, who has created the world and given it to us and how to walk in the world, has given a book of operating called operating manual. This is a very children's principle, wherever you have got it from, the number one person who has a little bit of consciousness will be there.

Going to the bottom of the matter, it has a shallow psychology, it will catch it, what is the psychology of this thing, explain it as I am human, I am the most powerful. Suppose I am the most powerful person who made me, he must have given me the highest status because I am a human brother, it is a matter of humour. He has made all this for my sake, there are many people in whose mind the principle is completely at home and they have given moral rivalry validity to this thing. You are not so high. You are not above at all, you are also natural and everything in the world is also natural. Thought is also emanating from your ego, so Vedanta is not a religious idea, Vedanta is not any kind of belief system, there is no place for any kind of belief, this is the book that you have, look, open the book that God has created the world. and believe. Vedanta says not to believe, etc. Not to believe that The world is too. Vedanta says that you are seeing the world is passing, the only truth is conscious, no creator, no creator, no god, nothing is this world, you are the result of this thing and there is no result, your senses are not there. If you don’t have eyes, you don’t have mind, you don’t have skin, you don’t have ears, then this world is of no consequence. This world and you are two sides of the same coin.

Press is going on nature’s game, nature is dependent on man and this divine soul game is suffering in this, the advait says to go to the game, there is no thought in it, you do not have to keep the block in it. that you know

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