Revealed: Exclusive First Photos of the Moon’s Surface from Chandrayaan-3 Landing

The first pictures emerging from the Rover are fascinating and will be shared with Dr. Nike, a former Estonian who has lived through various missions. Dr. Nike is also celebrating the achievement of conquering the moon as a country. He has invited students from various schools to share their enthusiasm and curiosity about space.

Suresh is going ahead with various lectures, including one at Pune University, to discuss the trajectory of the mission and how it could be planned for future missions. Space is a bit like life, sport, or the sciences, as it moves from one generation to the next, passing on information and wisdom. India’s space program has evolved from 1962 to 2023, with pioneers like Dr. Homi Bahama, Vikram Sarabi, Satish Daman, and former President Dr. Apj Abdul Kalam playing key roles in pushing forward the program.

Dr. Satish Daman, father of experimental fluid dynamics research, helped formulate satellites and led Chandrarayaan to Mission. Dr. Apj Abdul Kalam headed the Pokhara nuclear test programs, pioneered indigenous guided missiles, and led Chandrarayaan to Mission. Case Seven played a key role in developing the ISRO vehicle program, leading Chandrarayaan to Mission and being part of the Gagaga Mission.

In his generation, Raisesh Sharma, Squadron Dida, went into space, and today, we celebrate the accomplishment of conquering the moon as a country. We should be proud of our scientists and what they have achieved.

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