PUBG MOBILE : Global Trick Apk Free Download

Bullet Track and Sky Shot :- The enemy can be easily injured inside it, as if the enemy is moving around anywhere in an area of ​​100 meters, then with the help of this feature, we can hurt him in any way, bullet on his track. Works and when run straight in the air, it automatically moves towards the direction of the enemy and injures him, this picture is considered very beneficial.

Loot Box and Airdrop :- This is also a feature of esp. The name refers to the distance and the texture size can be increased or decreased.
Import is also found inside it, which is divided into three parts.

1. Firing 2. Aiming 3. Always

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In the firing option, the player will shoot anywhere. Wherever the enemy goes, the bullet will hit him. Aiming player will make his M and will shoot in this direction, he will go straight into his head. All the options come inside Always, if you click on Always, then wherever the enemy is, he will get fired bullets.Ambot Settings Within this we can set the radius of the aim. Where we aim can be grouped. Recoil can also be controlled.

Touch simulation is a great feature through which we can shoot the enemy easily and everything comes inside it.
Inside it Gun Location Health Location First Aid Kit Enemy Cars We can see everything easily and we can win the game quickly download it and follow us for such amazing tricks.

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