POCO X5 Pro 5G | Unboxing & Full Tour

Budget friendly smartphone.The Poco X five pro It’s essentially a rebranded, redesignedRedmi Note Twelve Pro Speed Edition, which never actually emergedhere in Blighty, and sports very similar specs to theprevious Poco X Four Pro, except the performance has beengiven a proper boost up the ass.So let’s whip it on out the box, takeyou on a photo of the specs, test outthe camera, the game, and all that good stuff.And for more on the latest and greatest tech,please do poke subscribe ending that Note applications.Well, cheers.So, first up, what scrolled away inside this lovelyyellow box besides the Poco X Five Pro 5G?Now you got a chunky old 67 watt power adapter, bitof a USB cable, and, as usual, a lovely condom case.You can keep your poco X five pro protected.That’s basically it. Nice and easy. Job done.So now let’s check out the phone.So the Poco X Five Pro, very much likethe Poco X Four Pro, is a 6.67 inchblower, thankfully, doesn’t feel absolutely freaking enormous, though, mostlybecause those bezels surrounding the display aren’t too chunky,and it’s a completely flat panel, as you cansee there as well.The Poco X Five Pro does have agood heft to it, despite the fact thatit is basically constructed from plastic.You have a plastic frame surrounding the edges, andthen around back, more plaquey, albeit glorious yellow.Plastic it is.

That a bright yellow Poco color we all know and love.You can, however, also grab the Poco X Five Proand slightly more seat colors like black, if you don’twant to be absolutely screaming for attention as you’re struttingdown the street checking your Twitters or whatever.Personally, I got to say, I rather like it.It really stands out from the crowd,and I especially like how that powerbutton is also highlighted in yellow.If you didn’t have that yellow finish, it could bea rather bland design here on the Poco X FivePro, and quite similar to previous Poco handsets as well.Although at least the Brandon isn’t tooinsane here compared with some earlier efforts.And also, that camera bump isn’t too bumpy.It doesn’t stick too far out of the ass.So let’s check out the actual software.And what you’ve got running on here is aPokofied version of MIUI 14 based on Android 13.So this is the latest freshest Android, and whileit’s not perfect, I do get on with MIUIa lot more than I used to, because it’smostly stock Android Vibe, but with little additions likethe control center, which are actually quite useful.This just separates out all ofyour toggles and also your smarthome shenanigans from your notification center.Makes it a bit easier to access.You’ve still got all the regularstuff, like the Discover feed.You’ve also got that apps traitor hide away anybits that you don’t want, cluttering your desktops.However, unfortunately with me UI you do get absolutely stacksof crap wear, even in the Poco version now.So for instance, stuff that I didn’t personallyinstall includes Agoda, Aliexpress, Amazon shopping, booking, bloody.comcrazy juicer which just looks like that fruitslicing thing from back in the day.Lots more crap games, TikTok, good old tile fun.

My favorite Quake is a new one on me.I’ve got no idea what on earth that is,but thankfully most of this stuff you can uninstall.It just takes a bit of timeto bloody get around to doing it.Thankfully, you shouldn’t be in a rush to free upany storage because Poco has generously bestowed you with 256gigs of space on the X Five Pro.And considering with expensive blowers like iPhones you’llbe paying probably about two or 300 extraquids just to get that level of storage.That’s some impressive.And at least that means it’s not quite asgolly that there’s no microSD memory card expandability hereon the plot or X Five Pro.Which is a shame because quite a few otherbudget and mid range smartphones do still offer that.You got lots of other bonus bits stackedon here that are actually worth checking out.So the likes of the security app is pretty good.This not only helps you to optimize yoursmartphone, give it a deep clean and everything,you’ve got a few extra bits chucked on.So for instance, you can set up a blocklist for anyone who really gets on your tits,particularly good one for marketing spammy bollocks.It can also help you to diagnoseany problems you’re having with your smartphone.You can set up dual accounts on various socialmedia apps and there’s the excellent Game Turbo featureas well, which we’ll touch on in a bit.But of course one big question with MIUIsmartphones is how often will they be updatedand how long will they be supported for?And generally things are getting better.We start to see at least a coupleof years of support for most smartphones thesedays, even the more budget friendly ones.But as you can see, there thesecurity update already slightly behind November 2022.

As for the fingerprint sensor, well it’s notan in display effort, it’s actually built itinto that cute little Dinky yellow power button.So just tap your digit against the surface and asyou can see, you’re straight in or hanging about.Got to see it though, the clickinessof that button is incredibly loud.A minor grumble but still worth a mention.You’ve also got fierce unlock support on hereas usual, which again is absolutely fine aslong as the room isn’t too ambient.When things get pretty dark, it doesseem to struggle to identify you.Now the Poco X Five Pro sports a 6.67 inchAMOLED display, the same as the Poco X Four Proand it is a proper corker for the price.Although quite a few budget to midrange handsetsthese days do offer an all Led display.The overall specs are identicalto the previous generation.You got full HD plus resolution,so pictures are nice and crisp.120 Hz refresh as well, so creamy smooth.Now, if this is AMOLED tech, of course you’ve gotgorgeous contrast, you’ve got nice punchy colors as well, becausethe default color mode is set to vivid.And as usual, the selfie cam gets in theway when you go full screen, it’s quite dinky.I would prefer it to be wedged away ina corner, but here, and certainly when you boostthat brightness all the way up to maximum levelshave absolutely no issues seeing the Poco X FivePro outside, even when it’s quite sunny.Kind of hard to test in the UK in January.Got to see, but yeah, seems up to the task.And the Poco x five proalso sports a stereo speaker setup.You got one speaker here on the top edge of thephone and the other housed here on the bottom edge.Let’s see if it’s actually any good.Massive fan of that Galaxy S 22 ultra design.

It’s just a little bit too plain and simple.It’s my own personal taste, especially fora blow that costs over a grand.I got to say, max out that volume and thePoco XY Pros stereo speaker setup packs a proper punchthat’ll easily be audible even in quite a noisy environment.And the clarity isn’t terrible either.Alternatively, you do have a headphone jackwith high res audio support, or youcan stream, of course, via Bluetooth.So far, so very familiar.The Poco X Five Pro could almostbe a clone of the previous generation.The X Four Pro?But one area where they dodiffer considerably is the performance.Because while the previous generation was powered by the Snapdragon695, that gets an upgrade here in the X Fivemodel to the Snapdragon 778 G, as also found insome other midranges like the Nothing phone.And that was backed here in myreview model by eight gigs of Ram.And that proved more than up to the taskof playing gentian impact on the highest graphics qualitysettings with a pleasingly smooth frame rate.You do get the usual game and toolbarhere on the Poco X Five Pro.So I pulled that out, jammed on all theperformance settings and then settled in for a longold session of getting my ass absolutely handed tome by stupid massive rock things.And even though I was playing for quitea wee while, I didn’t notice any suddenobvious drops in that frame rate.The game just played as expected, and thatflat display was perfectly responsive as well.So besides the obvious limitations in my own gameand abilities, it was an enjoyable overall experience.And as well as the performance boost stuff, thatgame and mode packs all of the usual featuresincluding voice changing Shenanigans and Do Not Disturb, soyou can really get involved in the game.So, overall, great stuff.But there’s been bugger all changes when it comesto the battery tech, which isn’t a massive shockbecause you’ve once again got a 5000 milliamp hourcapacity cell crammed in here, which is certainly sizableenough with 67 watt wired charging.So not the best you can get at thissort of price anymore, but still good enough topower this thing up in a jiffy.I know you don’t get wireless charging supports,but only a very select number of handsetsaround the sort of midrange price point likethe nothing phone do still offer wireless charging.So let’s end this lovely little unboxing witha squinter that camera tech and shock horror.There’s no changes again.

It once again sports a 108 megapixel Samsung HMtwo sensor backed by a basic eight megapixel ultrawide angle and two megapixel macro shooter.No real surprises when it comesto the camera app either.You can quickly and easily swap between the108 Meg main camera and that ultrawide angleshooter like so in the regular photo mode.That a primary sensor uses nine in one pixel bin andjust to help brighten up your shots in more ambient environments,but you can jump straight into a 108 megapixel mod ifyou do want to shoot at the maximum resolution.It can be quite handy if the lighting conditions are good,so you can crop into a shot without losing too muchdetail, but otherwise just stick to the auto mode.This does a pretty decent job for your everyday snaps.Certainly in good lighting you’ll get some nicecrisp, detail packed photos, some natural looking colors,and even when things do get a bitmore ambient, I didn’t find that there wastoo much noise creeping into my snaps.Just make sure your subject stays still,otherwise you will get a blurry finish.But while it’s not quite as dependable and flexible as thelikes of the pixel six here, I was more than happywith the results here on the Poco X Five Pro.And you got plenty of other bonus modes youcan peddle about with, including a fullon Pro mode.If you want to manually tweak the likes ofthe white balance to suit the A particular scene,you got a portrait mode to add a nicebucket style effect in the background.And this seems to even deal with crazy hair like this.And because you now have that stronger performancewhen you come to shooting video, you doactually have a 4K option, unlike the previousgeneration, which topped out at full HD.And when you’re shooting inside, things do look generallya bit gloomy and grinny and crappy, but ingood lighting you’ll get some very respectable results.Plenty of detail packed into every frame, the audiopickup is fine and the stabilization is decent too.A few of selfie needs here on the Poco X Five Pro 5G.You’ve got a 16 megapixel selfie cam.Fuel tips do a pretty decent job aslong as the lights aren’t too low.The portrait board that edge detectionisn’t fantastic, has to be said.

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