Monkeypox 2022 USA?

it's not corona virus

Public health officials are beginning to find many cases of monkeypox around the world, including in places where the disease is usually not spread at all, Kush, Central and West Africa, and in many places historically.

The outbreak of demand box has also been seen in South America and the United States of Europe and other parts of the planet. The World Health Organization has declared a worldwide emergency of international concern for the detection of this disease, and on Thursday, two months after the outbreak of this disease, the United States made a public health emergency to avoid an outbreak of monkeypox. declared. Learn more about monkeypox.

What is monkeypox?

Monkeypox is a type of virus like smallpox disease, similarly monkeypox is a new virus, it also comes in a type of smallpox disease. Disease detected in human cases in 1970. Since the 1970s, there has been a great deal of spread in some of the main smaller countries like Africa.

Should the monkeys be to blame?

Not at all, you can’t blame the monkeys, leave them. In 1958, this virus was first found inside a research monkey, along with which he keeps roaming with small craters and rodents, which he likes very much. In 2003 there was a marked outbreak inside the US. At that time there were some prairie domesticated dogs that were injured in West Africa. They lived with the milking monkeys

According to the CDC.

Any injured animal can spread a virus named monkeypox inside humans, as it is being told, so far no information has been found about the virus spread by animals inside people. But the warning says not to hug, kiss, lick and understand any injured animal at all, and not to explain its vocal system and sleeping area, nor to share the food it has eaten. If a person repeats these processes, it is possible for the monkeypox virus to spread.

Do not lick any type of object when you have monkeypox.

How can we see monkeypox spreading and where it is spreading.

Monkeypox has spread almost all over the world, many cases are being reported and most of the cases are between people who have sex from one man to another. In terms of reforms, if a person has an anti-social relationship with another person, this virus can be caught inside him.

What are the symptoms of monkeypox?

The first cause of this virus is blister-like wounds on the person’s body. In the old times, all the cases of salvation have been reported, mostly usually the wound is somewhere on the whole body. Blisters have been found on some part of the body resembling the genital area in some people. Usually the diseases are not very severe but monkeypox disease can be very painful, this disease lasts for about 2 to 4 weeks.

The US government has become serious about this virus. People believe that this is not Kovid-19. Is Kovid-19 over? Some such questions are from the public. While this virus is not a new virus, its Like many viruses have come before. What has not been seen before this virus inside many countries. With which to fight this virus, there is already a means of vaccine treatment, which work to fight the virus. America Even though people had not heard about this virus monkeypox inside.

How do I get tested for monkeypox?

Monkeypox testing is currently located inside the United States. There are many hospitals inside the US that can be tested by urgent care providers themselves. Inside the laboratory to clean the monkeypox wound It is necessary to send. Although the symptoms are like this, some people say that doctors are still facing problems in recognizing the disease, they are not able to get acquainted well.

How monkeypox is spread?

This virus spreads more from person to person by taking the breath exhaled by each other than by touching each other. But this virus is also spread by touching. Mostly this disease increases due to having sex with other people.

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