Manipur’s Burning Issue: Exploring the Gendered Impact of Armed Conflict

A delegation of 20 opposition MPs is visiting Manipur to take firsthand account of the violent clashes and horrific crimes against women in the state. The delegation will be led by Congress MP Adhiranjan Chaudhary God of Gogo Atmc.

The CBI is set to take over the investigation into the Manipur gang rape case. The Union Home Ministry has urged the Supreme Court to transfer the trial in this case outside Manipur foreign. The situation in the area is tense and people are full of fear. Villagers claim attackers use advanced tactics such as drones to launch targeted attacks. The Army has established buffer zones between the Mehte and Cookie communities to restore peace.

The aftermath of Thursday’s attack left villages barely 200 meters from the buffer zone embodies a glaring testament to the vulnerabilities of the warring communities. The fragility of the line separating the warring communities cannot be more conspicuous. The situation in the conflict area in Manipur is really vulnerable, with the number of shells illustrating how the violence and tension continues.

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