Loneliness : Will Go Away

Somehow, before I console you, let’s just understand and understand that living the right life is an incident of nature in a way, and those who are living the right life, the physical system within us, the system outside us, this social system. Yes, both of them do not forgive them, harden their heart. First of all, if you are living the right life, then your body turns against you, at least in the beginning,

then gradually you will make the body very clear, son, if you do not, then there is fear but it takes time. In the beginning for many years, you will find that your physical system is from within, you want to talk, you want to do something good, feelings start coming back, opposite thoughts start coming up, more sleep starts coming. Go out to do it, the knee starts hurting.

Who can tell that the forest that is sitting in our unconscious, nothing happens, you are out of the forest, if you sit in front of me, then the forest starts leaving, then the body in every way There is a conspirator within, never itching will start, stomach pain will start, headache will start feeling like crying. The condition worsens, vomiting has come.

Today, it is obvious that the society outside does not like what to do. What to do, what to do, you have to endure, and if you are going to break, then remind yourself that you have to bear it, it is from life or all this has to be endured, it will be easy, if the problem is there, choose which problem you feel. If this problem is better then this is what they choose. So what will you want to keep disciplined, if the body starts to mold even if the training body of the teachers starts getting molded. That’s why he was not there so that he could defeat him. Learn to tolerate making yourself strong.

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