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ESP :- By this we can easily see the players inside the game, any kind of movement and their location is detected by them. With the help of which we can win the game easily.

PLAYER :- The player is a feature found inside esp. The account of the anime which shows us the location of the anime comes from the lining on the top of their head. Inside this feature, the line can be made thinner or thicker. A separate box will also appear above the enemy. The box can also be made thinner. The bones of the enemy can also be seen, it can also be made thin and thick. We can see the player up to a 360 degree angle, in which the player’s name shows his help and distance. Shows the teammates the tax advisor of teammates can be done more or less.

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VEHICLE :- Vehicle is also a feature of this. In which we can enlarge the name of the vehicles, the location of the vehicles and the size of their name.

GRENADE :- Grenade warning is also an option inside esp. The bomb thrown by the enemy will be easily visible to the player and can protect his life and property. This also shows the distance of Ganesha’s name, where the bomb has fallen, who has dropped it, all this is visible inside this picture.

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