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International Youth Day 2022: Today’s youth of the country have a very important role for the nation’s building and its development, and in such a situation, the youth of the country.It is very important to be aware of the economic, social and political conditions of our country and the world. It is necessary to have their interest in the development of the country and the world. On this day, knowing the problems of the youth, their solution is found, what are the problems they are facing. So that they can also raise their voice for the society and work like development in the coming time. This is the reason why International Youth Day is celebrated every year on 12 August. On this day Youth Day, their voice, their work and their meaningful significance is given an opportunity to get a different recognition at the world level.

When was International Youth Day celebrated for the first time?

Youth Day was first celebrated internationally on 12 August 2000. Whereas it is worth noting that the United Nations had declared International Youth Day in 1985. The decision to celebrate this day was taken by the United Nations Assembly on 17 December 1999, but it was discussed on that day that on 12 August every year on 12 August International Day would be celebrated as a festival. The suggestion to celebrate International Youth Day on this day was given inside the World Conference in 1998. Responsible ministers announced the World Conference to celebrate this day as a day for the youth of today.In view of the 1998 suggestion, after that in the next year 1999, he talked inside the United Nations General Assembly and adopting that suggestion, the day of 12 August was declared as International Youth Day.

What is the reason for celebrating International Youth Day?

The purpose of celebrating Youth Day on 12th August is so that youth can take participation on social, political and economic issues and discuss these issues. To bring today’s youth forward on these issues. International Youth Day is celebrated on 12 August to encourage

How is International Youth Day celebrated?

Youth Day was started by the UN. Just as International Women’s Day is similar to International Days like Labor Day and Yoga Day. Every year the United Nations continues to determine the theme of Youth Day. It aims to find solutions to the problems of youth. Events are organized Hey can keep your point, they are given a chance to express their views and programs are organized all over the world so that the youth can express their views on their issues and their problems can be solved.

Theme of International Youth Day 2022:It focuses on the many difficulties of youth that they are facing all over the world, among them children in the age group of 6 to 13 years who make up half the population of basic education. They lack math skills and are based from childhood on global issues of poverty. Today’s theme of International Youth Day 2022 ”Intergenerational Solidarity: creating a world for all ages ”

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