If your modile data is saved then you can earn money by selling your remaining mobile data with the help of this app.

In iss app you have to collect your coins when you will collect 20,000 points then you can withdraw it. You will get 3 point for every 10 MB share . You can set the data limit according to your own, if you do not have a sim, you can sell your WiFi internet and make money. When you make 5,000 points it means that you have 5$ dollars but you can withdraw the all points at 20$ dollars . In this app the application have very strong protection of withdraw. You can link your app wallet with these 2 apps . 1. Trust Wallet . 2. Metamask. The third option is that when you login in your jumptask wallet you can earn more 50% . When you download and register in this app you got 5$ dollars amount .Click this link to get 5$ credit : https://r.honeygain.me/SAHILAFB95

And When reach in login page You can fill my referral code : SAHILAFB95

Frequently asked questions :

  1. What does my shared traffic depend on ?

ANSWER : Internet speed , location and the number of connected devices .

2. How much are these app credits worth ?

ANSWER : 1,000 app credits = 1$ You get 3 credits for every 10MB shared .

3. How can I get extra credits ?

ANSWER : Try our refferal program , Lucky Pot and contests on social media .

4. When can I request a payout ?

ANSWER : You can cash outas soon as you reach 20$ or switch to JumpTask mode, where no thresholds apply .

5. Is this app is safe to use ?

ANSWER : Yes ! We encrypt all connections and never share your personal data .

6. Why was my account suspended?

ANSWER : HAC suspends the accounts of the users who manipulate the Honeygain application or carry out illegal actions that allow them to earn more credits than they are supposed to. By performing regular checks on Honeygain users and their account statistics, the HAC system identifies those who have tricked our system into providing them with more credits and/or traffic than they are supposed to get.

7. What is HAC?

ANSWER : HAC stands for Honeygain Anti-Cheat – an automated system designed to identify the users that manipulate the Honeygain application or pursue illegal actions that enable them to earn more credits than they are supposed to. If a Honeygain user is caught doing the aforementioned, the HAC system automatically suspends their account. HAC detects all the cases when Honeygain users cheat using the methods the system’s aware of. Manipulating the application in any way or carrying out actions that would provide the user with an unfair advantage and enable them to earn more credits than they’re supposed to will trigger HAC to suspend the account.

8. How can I ensure that my account will not be suspended?

ANSWER : To ensure your account does not get suspended by HAC, only use trusted machines to run Honeygain. If you are unsure whether the machine you use to run Honeygain can be trusted, don’t do it. In addition to this, you can ensure that you don’t get your account suspended by HAC by abstaining from any restricted actions on your account. More information about what makes a safe and complicated password can be found here.

9. Another person was using my Honeygain account when it got suspended. Can the suspension of my account be removed since it wasn’t my fault?

ANSWER : No, because such behavior alone is already a violation of our Terms of Use. Here’s a quote for the section of General Obligations: “Your account may not be shared with other people, and you are only allowed to have one account.

10. Can I transfer my credits or referrals to a different Honeygain account after the suspension of my account?

ANSWER : No, your accrued credits or referrals cannot be transferred to a different Honeygain account. All the credits you had accumulated up to the point of the suspension will be removed from your Honeygain account, leaving you with no access to your account.


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