Identity of a strong person.

The punishment for the one who will not accept his mistake will be, repeat the same mistake again and accept the mistake, you will be free from the mistake. You will keep blaming others, you will not believe it. What mistake did you make? Same mistake.

If you will be forced to repeat the same mistake. Admitting a mistake is an act of bravery. Admitting a mistake is an act of great responsibility. Yes, we had a responsibility. Whoever accepted it was our responsibility, it is our responsibility.

Power comes to him. Another name for strength is responsibility. Who did not believe that it was his fault. He is not accepting his responsibility. So what won’t come in that? The strength will not come. where there is no responsibility.

There was no strength there. The common man cannot forget. In fact, this is the biggest sign of the weak. that it would not be considered a mistake. If you want to find the weak. So immediately put your finger on such a man. To hide his mistake. Going to argue Arguments are given.

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