Google Pixel 8 Pro FIRST LOOK Pixel 8 Pro (2023) – FIRST Leaks are here

Google’s biggest surprise of the year is finally here.Android has seen the best of Samsung, andnow it’s time to witness the best ofGoogle, which is the Google Pixel Eight Pro.Yes, we have our first look at thefull design of the upcoming Google flagship for2023, not just the Pixel Eight Pro.We have major news on the potential value smartphoneof the year and the Google Pixel fold.

But let’s first take a look at the design of the Google Pixel Eight Pro.This is indeed the next big thingfrom Google for the year 2023.As you can see, the design is looking incredible.If you have loved the design of the Pixel SevenPro, then this should be an even better look.

We now have the camera lenses completely joinedin, forming a one big bill shaped circle along with the Led flash on the side.And below this, we can see a brand new sensor.We don’t know the function of this new camera sensor, but it could be the LiDAR scanner, similar to the iPhone 14 Pro series.This new mystery sensor isn’t the only new addition.

Apparently the Pixel eight Pro will rock a new Isa cell. GN two Samsung main camera sensor.It is an extremely capable near one inch camera sensorthat only Google can unlock to the full potential. Also, the overall design of the phone looks slightly more rounded, so it’s going to be more one handed friendly.According to CAD information, we have a near 6.6inch display with a center punch hole selfie camera.It’s not only smaller than the Pixel Seven Pro,but it’s also a completely flat display than thecurved one on last year’s Pro model.Maybe Google has planned a third Pixel Eightmodel, possibly a Pixel Eight Ultra with aneven bigger display and a curved screen.We have heard some rumors aboutit, but so far nothing concrete.But we are now sure about the Pixel eight pro.It is coming, and it’s going to be oneof the most anticipated smartphones of this year.

Now we’re going to talk about Google’sabsolute mind blowing value for money smartphonefor this year right after this..We can finally see Google stepping up in theworld of foldables with their new Pixel fold.This will be the first fold to actuallychallenge Samsung properly, at least in the US. Market.Along with this, Google is likely to unveil theirsuper leaked but super valuable Pixel Seven A.This phone is packing all you need in 2023.Now, finally, with a higher refresh rate of90, pixel Seven A will bring the flagship Tensor G Two chip at the $399 price,along with water and dust resistance, dual twelve megapixel cameras and a brand new selfie sensor.Just like the Pixel fold, the Seven A is expected to be announced at the Google I O event.So I’m super excited for these new products aswell as the brand new Pixel Eight Pro.Now with four cameras on the back, let me knowyour thoughts about this in the comment section below.With that being said, I’ll see you guys you later.Peace out.

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