Download link for the newest PUBG Mobile 2.3 version on all Android phones and tablets (2022)

With millions of players every day, PUBG Mobile boasts one of the biggest player bases among battle royale games on the market. The game’s creators, Tencent Games and Krafton Inc., often implement significant updates to give players the finest gaming experience possible. Numerous new features, events, modes, and themes are introduced in these updates.

The developers have given the go-ahead for the 2.3 version in light of the enormous success of the 2.2 release from September. The lengthy wait for gamers who wish to test out new game material is now over.

While Android users can download the game using the APK file, iOS users can do so through the Apple App Store.

On November 17, PUBG Mobile’s updated APK download link for version 2.3 is anticipated to become available.
Tencent Games/Krafton will update the APK download link by November 17, 1:45 (UTC + 0), according to the notice in PUBG Mobile’s official Discord server. Utilizing the APK link, you can get the most recent version of the game:

The 2.3 update APK file is 688 MB in size. In order to download the update without experiencing any issues, players must make sure they have enough free capacity on their devices.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial for installing the 2.3 update on your Android device so you can play the game’s new content:

Step 1: To begin the download, copy the aforementioned link and paste it into a web browser.

As an alternative, visit the official website and use the link on the homepage to download the APK.

Step 2: Click the APK file to install it when it has been downloaded.

Step 3: Turn on the corresponding setting if you are prompted to start the installation from “unknown sources.”

Players of PUBG Mobile can get the most recent update via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store in addition to the APK download link.



The following times (in UTC + 0) indicate when users of various platforms can anticipate the update’s full rollout:

Apple Store: 11:30 on November 17,

Google Play Store: 04:00 on November 17,

The latest update, which adds a new football carnival-themed game to honor the forthcoming FIFA Men’s World Cup 2022, is undoubtedly exciting for football enthusiasts throughout the world. The PUBG Mobile Global Chicken Cup and other activities connected to the game’s significant partnership with renowned Argentine footballer Lionel Messi will improve player experience even more.

Best features of the PUBG 2.3 update 1) Collaboration with Lionel Messi and the global Chicken Cup and Football Carnival for PUBG Mobile
To honor the game’s partnership with well-known Argentinean footballer Lionel Messi, the 2.3 update will introduce new modes and events.

In addition, the PUBGM Global Chicken Cup and the Football Mania-themed mode will be unveiled in celebration of the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Here is a preview of the BR game’s planned football-themed content:

Football-themed game modes in Livik, Nusa, and Erangel

Messi’s Golden Shoes, a brand-new tactical component

the football, a new throwable

new car with a football motif

A brand-new theme is the Football Carnival.

across the battlefield are football fields

Spawn Island 2 with a football theme with Aftermath 2.0

The updated Aftermath 2.0 will have the following brand-new elements and modifications:

improvements to weapons and armor

a new energy source and gameplay mechanics

improvements to consumables

building new bunkers

treasure hunts

A new vehicle is a semi truck.

Access to a medicine cabinet

new guard stations

installing recall towers

retail recall

Minor alterations

To improve the game’s quality and user experience, minor improvements have also been made to the traditional mode, social features, weapons, and UI.

Many veterans are anticipated to return to the game because there are so many new things to discover.

NOTE : India forbids the use of PUBG Mobile. As a result, players in this area are asked not to play the forbidden game.

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