Don’t be in a hurry to do this

No such crime has happened, two people are living together. Then the crime happens. When the relationship is toxic. We also talk about falling in love. They were so unconscious, they fell like that if they have fallen. No one is ready to take him out in the stinking gutter.

Religion and law put an iron lid on him. Even if you do not go out, you can not go out. 22 years, 24 years of age do not come to you, what is there, you will choose your life partner, there is no selection of clothes while buying. Choosing a job is not done properly

Will you choose husband or wife? At least there was a lot of interest in getting married. By taking two to four 10 or 5 years. find someone like that? who deserve it. with whom you can associate. You are going to get the company of day and night. If that company is good, then you will be saved from it.

If it’s bad? Most people say. Will give you the right consistency. He will drown you If people marry the blind, 95% of them are on their feet. The ax is killed forever. First of all don’t be hasty, check it slowly.

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