It is better to wander for a lifetime than to be tied in the wrong place. There is no man smaller than the man for whom even the smallest of issues become very big. If you want to go on the right path, then you have to take the risk.

Those who are not able to get rid of intoxication should not be engaged in changing the brand of the bottle. Our destination is like you. Worth of ashes. Talk about a million. This is Afsana a body! Something has gone wrong, fix it. Don’t cry! Young man brother!

New is neither good nor bad, if you understand the world, then if you do not understand the way, then the wall. Is it right to turn from wrong? Wisdom Selling Show Courage To do the right thing the less you have to be ashamed. Even after defeat, the one who does not spoil anything is the victory of only him. If you want a beautiful and their love story, first create a beautiful and their life. You come far and wide at every rate. It is useless in its own eyes.

He knows that you are definitely a big waste. Ordinary mind extinguishes fire with tears, you light a fire with tears. And if it looks so bad, then why so much face the loser? What I have lost in small things has become small. The one who remembers the big does not worry about the small.

Give a lie to the truth, it will automatically back down. From that cut things towards freedom. If you are walking on your own accord, then stop and show it. The new being of a free existence is suffering. He is not a person hiding his defeat, the avatar does not get tired. We stop but sometimes we accept to show our back in the field. Today is your chance, wake up one day. It comes with everyone when a person is unable to wake up even if he wants.

There is no apology for those mistakes where you know. What is right and what is wrong, but knowing that nothing is wrong? Hope you increase your ability. If we meet, both will meet together. jewelry. Election! the choice is yours.

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