If you have magisk root, then simply use magisk hide option to hide root from pubg. this will help to prevent detection and random crashes.

– Change Device id for PUBG.

Use ‘Device ID Changer’ App from Playstore to Change Device ID for PUBG Game.


This will also reset you guest of pubg. Change Device id regularly to avoid detection. If you feel pubg detecting then clear data pubg and change device id for pubg.

– GG related problem

Please delete any installed gg application and redownload only if needed. It is compulsory to avoid 3rd party detection.

– Dont USE Modded ESP?

Always use latest Original ESP downloaded from our site. Re-download ESP regular and never use shared apks and download only from our official site.

– Play wisely

Major issues with hacks is, if you play unfairly then you will have most chance of getting ban.

We recommend to use memory hack only when needed.

Try to play fair, and act like real player. This will help to avoid Server based detection set for movement of players


Q: Can i use this on my main id?

Yes, CCASTER ESP is safe to use on main id but not with Aimbot. Still we recommend to first try on secondary id. If you get ban because of your past cheat history then we can’t help you.

Q: I got 3rd party ban, what should i do now?

It might detected memory hack or GG installed, Also it might happened because of your past hack detection history.
Please follow things written in important notes to avoid it in future.

Q: I got 10 Year ban, what should i do now?

Then Sorry we can’t do anything here. Ban wasn’t because of CCASTER ESP but most probably reports that you received in your account. Only few players getting it.

Q: Is Aimbot Safe?

NO, Aimbot has never been safe, so use it at your own risk. We recommend to play less brutal or wisely to avoid ban from manual review or system detection.
– We highly recommend to use Touch Aimbot Only, Touch Aimbot works only for Rooted Devices.

– If Touch Aimbot not working or You are Non Rooted User then only Switch to Memory Aimbot

– Memory Aimbot will be much risky so use it wisely.

– Download Fresh Loader from Site Regularly this will help to avoid 3rd party ban.

– Do not lock on or shoot enemies behind walls for long.

– Do no kill too many enemies in short time, Higher KD can lead to Ban.

– Do no follow and kill every single bot.

– Avoid Very Risky and Doubtful Kill Actions

– Avoid Continuous Headshots.

– Very Brutal Behaviour will most likely to lead towards ban so try to play like legit.


Ignore Knocked Player:

By this option, Aimbot will ignore Knocked down enemies.

➠ Aimbot FOV:

Aimbot FOV is boundary and Aimbot will aim to enemy within this boundry. Will represent as circle in center.

Bigger FOV will cover more area and enemies and would be unsafe at same. We wil recommened to keep lower enough to be more safe.

➠ Show FOV Circle:

You can show or hide Aimbot FOV circle when you needed.

➠ Aimbot Priority:

✹ Crosshair:
Aimbot will aim to enemy nearest to Crosshair at center and in Aimbot FOV.

Aimbot will aim to enemy nearest from your location and in Aimbot FOV.

We recommened to use Crosshair to be more safe. As it will look less suspicious to system.

➠ Aimbot Mode:

✹ Firing:
Aimbot will work while you fire the gun, with and without scope.

✹ Scoping:
Aimbot will work while you aimdown or scope with gun.

✹ Firing and Scoping:
Aimbot will work in above both situation.

➠ Aimbot Target:

Aimbot will aim to this Part of enemy, We prefer body more as it would be safer then continous headshots.

➠ Smooth Aim:

This will help to smooth the aim towards enemy, you can adjust Smoothness of Aim as per convience. Too high smoothing will decrease the speed and accuracy of aimbot.

➠ Aim Prediction:

This will help to aim at moving player. It will aim at predicted position as per speed and direction of enemy.

➠ Bullet Speed:

This will be used to accurately predict bullet hit. Too Low value will make aim in front of enemy.

Too High value will make aim behind enemy, adjust it as per different guns.
This will be use in Aim prediction.

➠ Recoil Compensation:

To counter or compensate recoil of gun, aimbot will aim lower. It would be helpful in scoping and for Far enemy.

Too low value will have little to no effect and too high value will aim towards foots. Adjust value according to gun or your skills.

You can locate your enemies in the battle with the help of a long Antenna. You’ll see red dots over your opponent.
You will enjoy aimbot with less recoil.
It provides you the name, health, and team number of enemies.
Extra sensory perception for the skeleton.
Locate healing Items that are essential if you get damaged in the fight.
Get the locations of vehicles, boats, loot boxes, airdrops, west & helmet, and other items in the game.
It provides you protection by alerting from a 360-degree angle.
It brings a grassy environment in the battle that makes it appealing and engaging for the players.
The security system of the game cannot detect this tool as it has a powerful anti-ban system. Your accounts and device will be safe.
It is a free, latest, secure and beneficial app for the newbies as well as for pro players.
Moreover, it supports no root Android OS.

Less Recoil
Small Crosshair
Aimbot 100 degree
Magic Bullets
Remove Fog
Remove Grass
Wide View