Analyzing Russia’s Stance on Ukraine Talks: A Closer Look

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that Moscow has not rejected peace talks with Ukraine and is studying peace plans proposed by Africa and China. African leaders continue to push for these proposals, which have not gained much traction from both Ukraine and Russia. After the Russian African Summit in Saint Petersburg, Putin said that the peace plans proposed by China and Africa could serve as a basis to resolve the conflict. However, he added that it is difficult to implement a ceasefire when the Ukrainian Army is on the offensive.

During the summit, nearly 20 African leaders pressed Putin to move forward with a peace plan for ending the conflict and resume grain shipment from the Black Sea port. The plan includes multiple steps to diffuse the conflict, including withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine and removal of nukes from Belarus. However, Russia has long maintained that it is open to talks with Ukraine only if new realities are accepted, including the recognition of territories annexed from Ukraine during the war.

Eritrea’s president declared that there is no Russian Ukraine war at all, blaming the war in Ukraine or NATO for dominating the world. He blamed the war on Russia and NATO for dominating the world. Saudi Arabia is set to host talks on the Ukraine conflict in August, with officials from over 30 countries attending. This meeting is crucial as it could lead to international backing for peace terms favoring Ukraine that is foreign.

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