A Detailed Comparison: Apple iPhone 15 Pro vs Apple iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro are two flagship iPhones that have undergone significant upgrades in just a year. The iPhone 15 Pro has a titanium frame, making it considerably lighter than the previous model. It also features rounder edges and a 120 HZ refresh rate. Both phones have the same IP68 rated ingress protection against dust and water submersion.

The iPhone 15 Pro has the best smartphone chipset Apple has made so far, with the A7 Pro on the iPhone 14 Pro replacing the A16 Bionic chip. The difference between the two is around 10% in raw performance and up to 20% in graphics. The new chipsets hardware-accelerated rate racing is supposed to be many times faster than what you got in the previous generation.

Both iPhones have nearly the same battery capacity and charging speed, earning the same endurance rating of 86 hours in proprietary tests. The iPhone 15 Pro can provide reverse wired charging through USBC, which is useful for top-up devices like earbuds. Both phones have a 48 megap main camera, 12 map 3 times telephoto, 12 map Ultra Wide Cam, and a laser scanner. However, the 15 Pro uses different processing on its main camera and produces 24 megapixel photos by default.

The iPhone 15 Pro gets a lighter titanium design, a faster chipset, and higher-quality photos from the main camera. The iPhone 14 Pro’s heavier steel build may be more attractive to some people, and it comes at a lower price. The move from lightning to USBC also ushers the iPhones into a world of universal connectivity.

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