240W Carger Realme GT3 review

Design and build

These days, charging speed is a hot battleground in the smartphone market, and Realme looks to trump all challengers with the Realme GT Three, it has support for 240 watt charging,and no, it won’t burn your house down.They say it’s super safe, with over 60 layers ofprotection compared to last year’s Real Me GT Two.The Three also brings a larger screen witha higher resolution and refresh rate, a newchipset and a new microscopic camera.The battery capacity is smaller this time around,though, probably due to the new charging tag.The design is quite different from last year as well.Rather than a paperlike synthetic back, now youget glass with a smooth frosted finish that’sa bit on the slippery side.The back curves into a plastic frame.There’s something neat going on here nextto the camera bump a transparent windowwhich is framed by colorful RGB LEDs.But what’s inside the window?If you look at the right angle,you can see a snapdragon logo.That should be where the chipset resides.

Screen specs

On the front of the Realmy GT Three is alarge 6.74 inch AMOLED with a 1240 by 27 72resolution and an extra fast 144 Hz refresh rate.The high resolution means you get a pixel densityof around 450 PPI, and content looks quite sharp.The contrast is of course great too.There’s support for ten bit color depth and HDRten plus, and the color accuracy is great.The display is very bright too.We measured a maximum of 480 knits with themanual brightness slider, and this boosts up to 970 nits in auto mode when in bright sun.The refresh rate handling though, could be better.In auto mode you rarely get themaximum 144 Hz even in system menus.We only saw the full 144 within GoogleChrome, and it will dial down when Idlingto save energy, but not below 60 Hz.There is a high refresh rate mode you can enable with settings to select 144 app basis, but in thismode you won’t get the auto switching for audio.

Stereo speakers test

The Realme GT Three has a pair of stereo speakers.They earned a good score on our loudnesschart, and the sound quality is decent, withclear vocals and highs and some bass.I’m quite awake, but you are.You can wake up and unlock the Realm GT.

Under-display fingerprint reader, Storage options

Three using the under display fingerprint reader, and thereare plenty of options for storage on board 128,256 or 512 gigs, or even a whole terabyte.Let’s go back to the realme.

RGB lights IR blaster

Let’s go back to the realme.GT three s RGB LEDs.They can light up for notifications orcalls or as a charging indicator.The lights also turn on when you enable the mode.That’s the real Me GT Three’shigh performance mode for gaming.Another thing that’s nice to see is anIR Blaster, which allows you to use thephone as a remote to control appliances with.Otherwise, the software experience here is basically.

Android 13 and UI

the same as you’d get on anyrecent Realme Oppo or OnePlus phone.It’s the latest Realme UI 40 on top of Android 13.You can find out more about Realme UIfour’s specific features in our dedicated video.Under the hood of the Realme GT Three.

Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 performance

is a Snapdragon Eight plus Gen One chipset,the top Qualcomm chipset from last year.It’s notably using a version of this chipset withlower CPU clock speeds than you’d typically see, sacrificingsome raw performance for better power efficiency.Still, it’s a significant upgrade over the Snapdragon 888 in the Realme GT Two, and the multitasking andgaming experience is every bit flagship grade.The thermal management is excellent as well, andthe Realme GT Three maintained high end, stableCPU performance throughout our prolonged stress test.Now let’s get into the Realme GT.

240W charging test

Three’s key feature the crazy fast charging.The phone comes bundled witha proper cable and adapter.The cable is a thick one,specifically designed to handle the current.Actually, the 240 watt charger isn’tas huge as you might expect.Realm achieved the relatively compactsize using Gallium Nitride technology.With this charging setup, we can’t even measure thespeed on the same scale as most other phones.We were able to top up the GT Threefrom zero to 100% in just eleven minutes.Just as impressive is how much you can get fromjust a couple of minutes plugged in in five minutes,we got 65% charge, but it’s worth noting that thecharging speed does taper off a bit as the batterywarms up, as seen on this graph.Perhaps because of the charging tech, Realme.

Battery endurance test

has reduced the battery capacity to 4600milliamp hours compared to 5000 last year.It’s no problem, though the GT Three wasstill able to score a great overall endurancerating of 117 hours in our proprietary tests.

Camera specs

Now, let’s talk cameras.The Realme GT Three has a 50 megapixel maincam with a new sensor, an eight megapixel ultrawide, and a new two megapixel microscope.Camera photos from the main cam look good,

Daylight photo quality, Low-light photo quality

better than last year’s model could do.They’re sharp and detailed,with excellent dynamic range.The exposure is on the brighter side and the colorsare on the warm side, lending a pleasant, cozy vibe.Portraits taken with the main cam arenice, subjects are detailed and colorful, andthe edge detection is excellent.However, the exposure can be off at times,with the subject coming out too bright looking.The ultra wide cam’s photos have lively colors and nicecontrast, but they’re low in detail and not too sharp.There’s some noise and the dynamic range is limited.The microscopic cam isn’t something you seeevery day, and it’s more interesting thana generic two megapixel macro cam.It uses the Led flash to help expose the subject.The native magnification is 20 times, butyou can go up to 40 digitally.You won’t blow anyone away with the quality, butit’s pretty neat overall in low light conditions.The Realme GT three willapply night mode processing automatically.There’s also a dedicated night modewhich produces basically the same results.The quality from the main camera at night isgood, with lots of detail and virtually no noise.The dynamic range is wide, with preserveddetail in shadows and wellcontained highlights.The sharpening might be a bit excessive,though, and the warm color temperature mightnot be everyone’s cup of tea.The ultra wide cam produces more true tolife colors and hits the right color temperature.The dynamic range is good too, but thesharpness and detail leave more to be desired.


Selfies are taken with a 16 megapixel front facing cam.They’re not great they’re way toosoft and lack fine detail.At least the colors and dynamic range are nice.When it comes to videos.

Daylight video quality, Low-light video quality

The main cam can record in up to 4K resolutionat 60 FPS, and electronic stabilization is always on 4K.Videos are pretty good, with plenty ofdetail and sharpness and wide anemic range.The contrast does seem to be a bit off, though.The ultra wide is limited to 1080presolution, and its video quality isn’t good.It’s soft with washed outcolors and narrow dynamic range.At night, the main camera deliversdecent enough videos with good contrast,enough sharpness and accurate colors.There is plenty of noise, though, sothat’s the real Me GT Three.

Conclusion, Selfie video quality

It’s a really nice flagship killer all around, and thefast charging is the best you can get right now.There are a couple of shortcomings.The ultra wide and selfie quality aren’t great,and you don’t have ingress protection, but thebiggest issue is that the GT Three iskind of expensive at its launch price.If you’re not specifically looking for thefastest charging, there are lots of optionsthat can provide more value for money.

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