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Hello guys how are you guys hope all is well Today I have brought an injector for all of you for free. Which this TRICK is completely safe. The name of this pubg trick is  PUBG BGMI MODAPK. Which is completely done.

This trick has the following types of features.

aimbot Within this, we can target enemies and kill them very easily. wide view This feature is a very good teacher as if we use it the screen of our game will become very large. We will not face any difficulty in easily seeing the enemies while playing. Due to which we can kill all enemies easily.

antishake The gun we have inside this picture will not move anywhere at all. So that we will be very easy to target the police station and we can enjoy the game.

magic bullet This is our picture is a wonderful feature. Within this picture, we can also aim at the enemy, that is, if we are not able to target the enemy, then with the help of this, we can shoot the enemy without hitting and This is a great feature.

headshot 100% This is our picture, with the help of this we can shoot at the enemies head so that we will be able to injure the enemies very quickly.

LOCATION This is our teacher, this is a great feature because through this we can see enemies even if it is hidden anywhere, it will be very easy to find the enemies and we can face them easily and we will finally win. Will be.

FAST movement friends, this is a picture of us, because of this our army can move around very fast. Enemies will not be able to hold us so that we can face them easily and we can win.

PROTECTION Friends, this is our pictures, it will protect us, whatever action we will be taking with our enemies, as we are confining them inside the war, at that time this feature will help us so that we will be very easy to fight the war and It serves as our security.

BLACK BODY Friends, inside this feature, the color of our army will be completely black so that both our army color and the color of enemies will be equal and they will be easy to see and we can easily fight them and beat them Can.

Less Recoil Friends This is our feature which is absolutely cool as if the gun bullets we have inside this picture will rip straight to the enemy’s chest and we will win the battle.

No fog friends. This is our ultimate feature which is absolutely amazing. This picture makes the environment of the game spread all around, so that the smoke pollution is completely cleared and we can easily see the enemies and We can kill them easily.

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Thank you

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